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Apr 14, 2020
Hello inmates from Allium Prison,

Here I am representing the recently founded gang Dominion. Dominion is a communist gang where everyone shares everything with eachother. The gang is specialized in exterminating rat plagues that have been rising up in the prison, dealing with them using raid spray and brute force if needed.

Here's a short list of our current members:

- Gang Leader Mangoito; Just a simple farmer, really
- Head of rat extermination lionking158; Contact him to deal with your rat plagues. Goes missing a lot but seems to return very quickly afterwards
- BM key collector Cannoncam; Always on the front lines protecting fellow gang members from the corruption and lies the guards are spreading in the prison.
- Engineer JoelTheProcess; makes sure rat extermination is being carried out 24/7 behind the scenes
- Miner Wolfinden; The motor of Dominion, makes sure the raid spray stock is continuously being refilled
- Hitman NicoleRichie; the hand of Dominion, makes sure that both new and older prisoners know that we're out there
- Scientist KingAj86; continually researches new ways to deal with rats more effectively
- Slave Kiliman2317; Mostly being used for slave labour. Occasionally throws a fit and seems to have interest in the other prison gang NASA
- And at last representative Tank333.

Last but not least, Dominion has set up a KOS (kill on sight) list. The people mentioned on here are seen as severe threats towards our operations. This list can be read below.

Name: evevet101
Reason: fat
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